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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

– Fred DeVito

Aaron C. Higgins ran for office to take on the hard work of helping our community in the most hands-on way possible. Scroll down to learn more about Aaron and his journey to council.

A place to call

Aaron’s journey began in California, but his family soon moved to Northeast Ohio where he spent the majority of his childhood. As a teenager, he and his family relocated to the rapidly growing city of Colorado Springs, where he met and married his wife, Ashley, in 2009. In 2015, they left the mountains of Colorado behind and made the cross-country trek to the Coastal Empire, where they found their forever home in the charming city of Pooler.

Inspired by the potential for growth and community building, Aaron became involved in solving neighborhood problems and organizing events. Believing that he could make an even bigger impact on the city as a whole, he ran for office in 2019 and was elected for a four-year term (2020-2023).

Despite his busy schedule as a city council member, Aaron remains deeply engaged with the community and continues to make a positive impact.

Direct COVID
relief and support.

During the Spring and Summer of 2020, Aaron stepped up to help his community during the difficult early days of the pandemic. He actively participated in several rolling pantries, providing direct aid to those in need. He also advocated for and supported providing hazard bonuses to the brave first responders who were on the frontlines of the crisis. His dedication to serving his community and supporting those who protect it is unwavering.

Community Boards and

Even before settling in Pooler, Aaron had a long-standing tradition of community engagement and volunteerism. Since moving to the city, he has continued to devote his time and effort to serving others, showing his dedication to making a positive impact on the community he calls home. With his consistent involvement in volunteerism, he has established himself as a pillar of service and a leading advocate for the betterment of his community.

He proudly serves on the following boards:

Family Promise of the Coastal Empire – Board Member

Pooler Juneteenth Celebration Committee – Committee Member and 6.16k Run Chairman

National League of Cities 2023 Small Cities Council – 1-Year Term Member

Municipal Training Board for the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute – 4-Year Term Member (District 12)

Wesley Monumental UMC – Evangelism & Hospitality Committee

Aaron C. Higgins’ Certificates and EducationGeorgia Municipal Association Certificate of Excellence (120 Credit Hours) – Carl Vinson Institute of Government – Earned Sep 2022
Georgia Municipal Association Certificate of Achievement (72 Credit Hours) – Carl Vinson Institute of Government – Earned Oct 2021
Georgia Municipal Association Certificate of Recognition (42 Credit Hours) – Carl Vinson Institute of Government – Earned May 2021

Bachelor’s Degree – Healthcare Administration & Management – Colorado State University Global – 2015
Associate’s Degree – English – Pikes Peak State College – 2005

You can also learn more about Aaron C. Higgins via social media

Pooler is a key driver of development in Chatham County and the Coastal Empire. The Pooler City Council needs your collaboration to address the issues that arise from our rapid expansion. Together we can advance our city’s progress.

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